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Bonds of Need (Wicked Play, #2) - Lynda Aicher This book had me crying within the first few pages. I feel completely in love with Kendra and although his name drove me insane I can't resist Delkan. He was just the healing touch Kendra needed!I wasn't sure if this was going to be as horrible a representation of BDSM as Shades of Grey as I haven't read much of this type of work in the past, but I was immediately surprised by the depth of emotions illustrated in this book. It's presented from a place of experience about what the lifestyle is about and portrayed it accurately.Kendra is completely damaged by her past with an abusive man who used the title "Master" in order to get away with his abusive insecure ways. Delkan has a "savior" complex and wants to save everyone he cares about, but understands and supports Kendra by allowing her space to overcome her own internal obstacles. Their love is strong and builds from a place of trust and understanding.The scenes are realistic, poignant, and sexy.I full out loved this book and will be keeping Lynda on my Must Read list!