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River Marked (Mercy Thompson)

River Marked - Patricia Briggs Another EPIC read from Patricia Briggs! I really enjoyed this book despite the absence of the pack. Their absence was distinctly felt, but this one had so much action and SO much relationship realism that I enjoyed it all the same.Mercy seems to be settling into her new home. Home of being near Adam. There honey moon isn’t all I love you, I love you too. It’s real. There are relationship issues that all new marriages have. Getting accustomed to not being accountable only to yourself, but to another who loves you so much can be a real struggle, especially when you are constantly in danger. Adam struggles with what marriage should mean when you are alpha. Being married to a strong-willed woman when you are used to being dominant is a struggle for him. He so wants to just take control, but knows this would kill part of her. I love how this struggle is portrayed and shows so much of Adam’s personality.The plot was spooky good. All the other villians in this series, I’ve simply hated, but this monster was the creepiest of them all. I loved how involved this monster was to every part of the plot. Mercy meets some new characters that I hope we see a lot more of when book 7 finally releases in 2013. I cannot wait to read more of Mercy’s story.