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Blood Cross (Jane Yellowrock Series #2)

Blood Cross - Faith Hunter Epic! Within 20% of this book I had read two incredible scenes detailed in last week's Follow Friday. It was an action-packed ride from beginning to end with stakes (no pun intended) so high that I was riveted.Jane is a skinwalker, shapeshifter, and she has two parts of herself. Jane and beast. Beast is a protective mother. Kits (children) are so incredibly important to her that the case within this book hits her hard. I have fallen in love with Jane. This is a character that feels so real to me that I'm protective of her even though she does some stupid things repeatedly. In the first book there is a female vamp that comes on to her and she ignores it and this happens again. It's not a spoiler, because anyone with any sense would have immediately known to investigate that vamp closer, but Jane just is sex negative that anything sexual she pulls away from it.Which is one of my biggest issues with this series. The author does not hold the same values as me and it's hard to get past this at times. She's transphobic, sex negative, and overly religious for my tastes. And yes, it can be an issue for me while reading Jane's books. But the writing is so good, and the action is so fierce, that I have to just move on and keep reading.I can't wait to delve into more adventures with Jane.