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The Better Part of Darkness

The Better Part of Darkness - Kelly Gay OMFG! This book is so freaking good! The action is intense and I fell deeply in love with several of the characters not just the FMC (female main character).Charlie has attitude and brains to back it up. This combination usually results in a great character. I think this is the only book I have ever read where the FMC is a mother and that element added so much to who Charlie is. Her dynamic with her sister is so relatable and in all I simply loved Charlie.Hank is such a great partner and I adore the dynamic between them. He’s so protective. Emma we only get to see through mother’s eyes so of course she is pretty loveable. The most surprising secondary character (the one that stole the show in my eyes) was Rex. I adored him so much.The plot was never-ending action from the very first page. Gay knows how to write a hook and continue keeping the the readers attention until the very end.Great book all around. Now I’m off to start the next one!