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Venom (Elemental Assassin Books)

Venom - Jennifer Estep OMG! These simply keep getting better. This is one of my 3 favorite series (other included: Mercy Thompson and Night Huntress) and Jennifer Estep does not disappoint in the third book within this amazing series. Seriously guys, it’s amazing you should be reading it, like right now….I did get incredibly annoyed simply because I couldn’t read this book as fast as I wanted to. There are threads that run through this story that I wanted to know right then. Gin goes after the head security of the baddest woman in town, Mab, after her friend Roslyn starts getting stalked and sexually harassed by the giant.Finn is such a good big brother to Gin. He is a charmingly adorable sleazeball, but always has her best interests at heart. Sophia and Jo-Jo are great allies, but Roslyn is kinda annoying. She wants protected from the giant, but refuses to what Gin tells her to do and usually does the direct opposite making everyone even more unsafe than if she would simply freaking LISTEN!!!I’m looking forward to seeing more of Owen. He’s not judgmental (unlike her former beau) and likes to play the knight in shining armor.There is action from the very first page, and even though it’s a longer book it seemed too short. Luckily, I have the next one ready to be read. (I actually couldn’t wait to start the next book so I read it before writing this review, that review will be up on Thursday!)