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Hunting Ground (Alpha and Omega Series #2)

Hunting Ground (Alpha and Omega Series #2) - OMG! I need more of this series. I know there is one more book, but I want even more! Anna and Charles have to be my favorite romantic werewolf couple since the very first book I read of Dani Harper's Changeling series. I mean seriously. How can this couple not win the couple of the year award. I love them to pieces.Anna is so relatable to me that it's ridiculous. I understand her motives and her plans so incredibly well. She seems like such an authentic character. She's protective, fierce, but when her mate or her friends aren't threatened she is harmless as a little rabbit. But don't call her rabbit or she'll show you how of a rabbit she isn't. This continously gets her to be underestimated by the Alpha werewolves that have descended on Seattle for a conference about outing themselves as weres and by others that wish harm upon those she calls hers.Briggs is an old history major and so she throws her love of history into everything she writes. And as a fellow history major this is highly appreciated. Within this book she brings up the idea of reincarnation and what would happen if an artifact that has such historical meaning was to show up again in the 21st century. She throws in her knowledge of Latin with sayings between Bran and Anna. The author's passions shine through and give this book another layer above the story that interlaces with it perfectly and brings more life to it.Charles is understanding. He sees her damage and understands how to cope with it. He doesn't push, he doesn't get angry, he is the calm within the storm. She may panic when they touch, but he lets her mind catch up with her fear in order to overcome the panic. He makes sure she consents fully without any interference from her wolf before allowing the foreplay to go any further. He is an honorable good man that always has his mate's best interests at heart. He may be protective, but he also understands that she needs room. Room in order to be free and grow and explore. She is centuries younger than he is and as such hasn't experienced as much of the world, but he never acts like she is inferior to him. The villain within Hunting Ground is sad and pathetic. Honestly, he's one of the most despicable villains I've read about. I adore this series set within the Mercy Thompson world and I would really love to see Mercy and Anna meet.