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Dirty Little Secret

Dirty Little Secret - Jennifer Echols Review on Mission to Read on June 3rd.Astoundingly good! As you can tell from my review history contemporary is something I read very sparingly. This book might be the start in changing that. I'm already itching to get my hands on more books by Echols.Bailey's sister gets a record deal, after they had been a duet their entire lives. Devastating Bailey and causing her to act more like a toddler throwing a fit than an adult. This aspect of Bailey drove me INSANE. This is truly a coming of age story and Bailey matures so much within this book. I got crazy annoyed at her at several points throughout the book and she got annoyed with herself as well.Sam is an upstanding young man, but he has issues. He is driven to success at the sacrifice of everyone around him. He has had a past with deep heartbreaking tragedies and this has caused him to turn off his emotions. But he is a good southern man, so of course he's completely swoon worthy.This book is funny, touching, surprisingly accurate to life and is a journey that leaves this reader smiling. I'd love to see where the next stage in their life takes them, but I doubt there will be a sequel. (Gosh, I hate standalone novels)