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The Indigo Spell: A Bloodlines Novel

The Indigo Spell - Richelle Mead Spoilers Caution: As I’m late to the party I’m going to assume you’ve already read this book. If you don’t want vague details don’t read ahead.In one word: Amazing.Another YA that deals with real issues as well as being a purely good read. It deals with an issue close to my heart. You can tell the author truly understands cutting. As a former self-mutilator I could easily see that she understands the issue well. But besides from that it was a truly good book. Rose and Demitri simply have got to get together. Lissa and Christian make a great couple and the fact that Rose has a bond with Lissa that lets us see her from that viewpoint helps to round her out as a fully developed character.I hope they start to help Mia instead of having a cyclical vicious relationship throughout. Mason would be a good match for her as he seems the night in shining armor type and they could have little dhampirs.If the next in the series as as good as the first this may easily become my new favorite series.