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Spirit Bound (Vampire Academy, Book 5)

Spirit Bound (Vampire Academy, Book 5) - Richelle Mead As with this entire series, I love this book! It's engaging, action-filled, and emotionally charged.Rose has grown so much with the journey to Siberia, graduation, and a new found love interest.Lissa has finally come into her own. Actually helping Rose instead of simply being one that needs protecting. She is powerful with her use of spirit.Dimitri is still creepy, kinda stalker-ish.The trio of Rose, Lissa, and Eddie go about a mission that is foolhardy and irresponsible, but find that it might actually be for the best.Abe is awesome.She needs that protectiveness after basically a lifetime of neglect from her parents.It is primarily set at court and it's full of political mystery, some may know that politics is a passion of mine. So this aspect intrigued me especially.This isn't my favorite in the series, but it is still great.