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The Hunger Games: Movie Tie-in Edition

The Hunger Games  - Suzanne  Collins Cue the gushing. OMG! I freaking loved this book. It’s already one of those books that mean so much to me. Like a good friend.I don’t cry at books, very often. Reading the first fifty pages of this I cried the entire time. Not sobbing tears like in book five of Harry Potter, but those tears you don’t even know are there until you taste salt in your mouth. She is an amazingly strong young girl with a tale that distinguishes her from most of YA.She loves her family in such a deep way that she has resumed responsibility of them all by the age of 11. She is smart and resourceful and so unassuming.The world in which this book is placed is not a world that is so out of realm of possibility. The world is a bit of history, a bit of present, and a bit of a dark possible future.Peeta is a nice boy, a little niave, a little more sheltered. He portrays strength we aren't suspecting throughout.This is a book that I will be buying and I have already requested to borrow the next two in the series and will be adding this series to my personal library in the near future.For more of my reviews visit Mission to Read