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Starcrossed - Josephine Angelini I had started this book previously, but had put it down due to what I perceived as superficiality within Helen and Claire. Then Aimee Carter mentioned this book in the interview that will go live on the 19th, so I just had to read it.As mentioned above the first chapter was difficult for me to like. Claire was so hyper and seemingly superficial. I thought it would be one of those YA’s. Then Helen attacked Lucas and I was hooked!Why was this girl attacking someone she had never met? Why was she being tormented?Lucas saves Helen and from then on they are inseparable. He has a secret that threatens to tear them apart just as Helen is falling in love with not only him but his entire boisterous family.Lucas’s family is to die for, literally. They are a close knit group that protects and loves one another who laugh together just as often as the knock each other’s teeth out.Josephine Angelini creates a world where love is the end game and fate is the enemy. I cannot wait to read the next in the series, but alas it shall be a year until I can do so.