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The Queen Bee of Bridgeton (Dancing Dream #1)

The Queen Bee of Bridgeton  - Leslie DuBois This is so far from my usual genre I wasn’t sure I would enjoy it. What I found was a book, that I not only enjoyed, but truly loved..Sonya is such a sweet girl with her eyes set on one goal. To be a dancer, not for the money that would help get her out of the horrible surroundings, but because of the love of dance.She is loyal to a fault and is truly courageous, which not only makes her likable but relatable when she takes revenge on those who have damaged her reputation.Will is an amazing partner to her internal gracefulness. He is consistently kind and doesn’t care about the poverty she was raised in. The most telling scene of his goodness involves a cow roaming the halls of the school.I can’t wait to read the next in the series.