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Friday Night Bites (Chicagoland Vampires, Book 2)

Friday Night Bites - Chloe Neill Firstly, I do like this book and this series. It is a fun read and the adventures Merit goes on are almost always enjoyable.But…she seems immature. I’m 5 years younger than she is supposed to be and I’m like “Hey, teenager, wake up!” At times Merit is selfish, childish and self-centered. She holds grudges long after they are done with.One great example of Merit being selfish is the fact that the entire book she is still stringing along, Morgan, the guy that she started leading on in the previous book. And this isn’t a boy that’s all infatuated. It’s a master vamp that is willing stand up for her even when she has seemingly betrayed him.She’s like a grown up version of Bella. She’s narcissistic and thinks she’s hilarious when in actuality it comes off as her being a spoiled child that is throwing a fit about not getting her way.I get that she wants Ethan and doesn’t think it’s an acceptable match, and that she’s lacking oneness with her new identity, but her new self and old self don’t align.Everyone’s about the change. The glamorous change, but it didn’t change her for the better. In the first book she was strong going against what her patriarchal father said, going to university against his wishes, not moving in to the House right away. It seems as though she lost all her strength with that one vow.To read more go to missiontoread.com