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Unearthly  - Cynthia Hand Swoon! I’m in love. In love with so many aspects of this book. The writing is superb and placed me directly into this story. I was not a bystander, but an active watcher. A best friend ready and willing to help Clara. That is how much Cynthia Hand’s writing put me into the book.Oh and then there is this guy. He’s handsome, funny, and country. He’s the type of guy all girls should fall for. The down to earth, stand beside you through everything guy. Yes, he’s a beta in so many ways, but alphas are overrated. Tucker has to be the best book boyfriend ever.Clara, oh Clara, she can indeed get all wrapped up in herself (what teen can’t) , but she once she awakens to the fact that her loved ones need her she’s the first on the scene regardless if that means falling from grace. (Btw not a spoiler, but she would if it meant saving someone she loves.)Her best friends aren’t really there in the most adventurous parts of the book, but are still some of the best sidekicks ever. From angelic Angela to bossy Wendy. Angela is the drill sergeant of the bunch. When Clara needs to be woken up she has no problem in doing so. Wendy so wants her brother happy that she’ll cause fights in order for Clara to wake up to the fact that Tucker is standing right there. She’s not only a great friend, but an awesome sister.So yes I’m being all fan girl, but it’s like the best book I’ve read in weeks. I had fallen into a reading slump and this quickly put me back in the glowy “aren’t books great.” mode. I freaking LOVE this book and I will trade in my dog and I’ll play Rumpelstiltskin for an early look at the next in this series. Oh, did I mention I'm on team Tucker? LOL!