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Bumped - Megan McCafferty Why was I annoyed? Neither of the characters is fleshed out well. Both of the males seem more interesting to me than the females and that’s a rarity.Harmony was going around trying to shove Jesus down everyone's throat. I get it, you could say I was raised on Goodside myself, but seriously she was the evangelist everyone detests.Melody is the typical teenager. Too controlled by her parents, wanting to fulfill her potential, but her parents are kinda insane. Like I hate them insane. I would say more but it would be spoiler.And then, half way into the book they get what they should have had from the beginning, spines. It should've started 120 pages into the book.Slight Spoiler:Jondoe could be a good match for Harmony as he should be more accepting and perhaps take some of the brainwashing away. The way she was raised in Goodside is much like that of a Mormon travesty we hear about so often. 11 year old brides, married way before they should have been.Zen finally tells Lem, such a cute nickname that he loves her. Btw...Zen is adorable. Some of the positives are that it showed how devastating it could be to give up your own child; luckily they did have a drug to reduce these effects.It also addressed the issue of giving up your virginity long before you are ready to do so with what seems to be prescription turned street drug Tocin and dissociation.The book ended in the middle of a scene, it didn't wrap up fully. I do get that this is a series, but cliff-hangers in books simply to get you to read the next book in the series is just a cheap technique.But I'll still be reading the next one to find out what happened.