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The Near Witch

The Near Witch - Victoria Schwab Although, it never actually says where or when this book takes place other than in Near in my minds eye I see colonial America throughout the description. I wasn’t actually expecting a historical when I opened this book, but I was pleasantly surprised. It has rich descriptions of the surroundings and how life is ran within the village of Near.The book opens up to a pleasant little scene between Lexi and her little sister, Wren. We get a wealth of information within a few words, but it never seems overwhelming. We see Lexi’s love for her sister, how the death of her beloved father has impacted the family, the spooky tale of the heritage of the village Near, and the strength that has been cultivated within Lexi. She is a remarkable girl with a kind heart.At times the story is so eerie that my heart beats faster and other it lies silent hoping all will be well. Honestly, I am like the biggest scardey-cat and it had me a bit on edge.But at the heart of this story is a message that fear of that which is unknown can bring about real dangers including loosing your own morality. I will likely read this book again and again as it was one of the best books I’ve read in a long while.