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Changeling Dream

Changeling Dream - Dani Harper To view more of my reviews go to Mission to ReadI loved the first one in this series, but this has surpassed that one. I love Jillian. She’s gone through so much and she is still standing strong with the help of her white wolf that has rescued her in more ways than one.Let me go over a couple of issues I had with the book. They are minor, but they bugged me some. James’ (justifiable) selfishness has truly hurt his family and I’m not sure he had really fixed this hurt by the end of the book. The other issue was that Jillian didn’t find out her white wolf and James until the very end and couldn’t figure it out on her own. She’s so super smart in other ways so I thought she would figure it out. This may be a fact of her being told the wolf was made up to help her cope, but it annoyed me.Otherwise this book was beyond amazing. The characterization makes them seem like friends and the plot is never dull.Zoey from the first book barely appears, but Connor has POV parts which brings us continuance of the first book. Also there are themes started in the first book that are followed through fully in this book.The plot was intense from the very first page. Every facet that I want to talk about is spoilery because this book is so well threaded. Meaning everything has a point and everything is important to the overall story. This is an extremely tight story.This is my favorite adult series at the moment.