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Changeling Moon[ CHANGELING MOON ] by Harper, Dani (Author) Jun-01-11[ Paperback ]

Changeling Moon[ CHANGELING MOON ] by Harper, Dani (Author) Jun-01-11[ Paperback ] - Dani Harper Lately, I have been disappointed in adult books they just don’t seem to have enough flare. This one was a complete opposite of that! The action was intense, the men protective and strong, and Zoey was the most courageous female I’ve seen within fiction in a long time.The plot was the perfect pace where we got to truly know the characters and fast enough that we never got bored. Zoey is running away from her paranormal past directly into a more intense paranormal future. She is full of spirit and doesn’t back down from a wolf attack or from the man that is her mate.What a mate that is! Connor will stand his ground and protect her from everything including herself, but he is secure enough within himself that he is not in the least controlling. He is sexy through and through although if he’d gotten me all worked up and then fled I’d be just as bit of annoyed as Zoey was.The rest of the pack is a family of supporting characters that I fell in love with right along side the main characters. The floppy eared puppy, the strong but small alpha that is Jessie, and the doctor that isn’t part of their world, but will still protect the pack.I cannot wait to read the next book in this series.To view more of my reviews go to Mission to Read