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Touch of Frost (Mythos Academy)

Touch of Frost - Jennifer Estep If you are a follower for any amount of time you’ll know one truth about me I am obsessed with mythology. Touch of Frost is no exception. The strongest aspect of this book is characterization.I have to say I jumped to conclusions within the first chapter. Conclusions that I found to be completely false of the overall book. When we meet Gwen she seems to be a bit superficial and angsty. Reading further on I found Gwen to be witty, hilarious, real with herself and others, and a very dimensional character. She is one of the most believable characters I’ve read.Logan is simply smexy. I didn’t really get that word until Logan. Smart and sexy defines him perfectly. Logan is always the first to the rescue. He has secrets I’m dying to know. We didn’t get to truly know his character although as he only appears rarely.Daphne is an interesting girl that is full of techy goodness. The family and faculty was a minor aspect, but had such an overwhelming aspect on the entire book.Regarding the plot, nothing major happened until the very end and yet because of it’s unique voice was such an incredibly quick fun read. Not to say it didn’t have real depth, because a child lost after the death of her mother thrust into a school where she has no clue what is going on is not light.This was one of my favorite mythology books of the year.