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Demonglass (A Hex Hall Novel)

Demonglass  - Rachel Hawkins OMG! How annoying is it when a book ends on a cliff-hanger? This entire series so far has ended on a huge cliff-hanger; basically in the middle of a sentence type cliff-hanger. I didn’t mind it in the first because I had it waiting on my bookshelf ready for me to read.Team Cal here! I’m not sure how anyone is team Archer. I just don’t get the appeal. I get it on a writing level for reasons I can’t discuss as it’s spoilery, but not on a reader level. He has repeatedly deceived everyone including Sophie. I don’t understand trusting him now. Not to mention the steaminess of Cal. He rescues her again and again even when she has betrayed him. His magical talents would come in so handy as a husband as well. He could calm her down with a wave of his hand.Jenna isn’t as present in this book and the new friends are generally creepy and not really there, so on a secondary character front this isn’t the strongest book. She spends more time with her uptight father than anyone that’s interesting.Do you remember Maxwell from “The Nanny”, well that’s her father. The best scene with her father thus far is the one with the mirrors. I do expect him to much more dynamic in the next book.While it ended in a cliff-hanger it also gave us so much foreshadowing that we get the gist of what the next book is going to be about. And it’s gonna be beyond amazing. So much betrayal from all sides, and hopefully some killing for some evil “witches”.The plot didn’t slow down from page one. There was plenty of action balanced with great character development within Sophie.This is one of those OMFG how good can one book be! The only drawback on this book is the cliffhanger. Okay, I’ll shut-up now, but I could keep talking for ever about this one.