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The Magnolia League (Magnolia League Novels)

The Magnolia League  - Katie Crouch This was a good book, but I had various problems with it. I’ll go through my issues and then give the reasons why it was still a good book.My first issue and the reason I almost put this book down. Marijuana consumption is made to be seen as cool with absolutely no consequences. I have a post coming about this so I won’t really go into it here, but I find it irresponsible to have illegal substances shown positively in YA. I would not recommend this book to those younger than 17.The sweeping stereotypes were annoying, but by the end they were almost justified. California was shown as cooler, more focused on the needs of not only the world’s human population, but mother nature. The south was shown as backward, shallow, and only caring about themselves.Okay, now why I enjoyed it. The voice immediately got my attention. Alex is loyal, strong, and smart. She’s socially awkward since she grew up on a commune away from influences teaching her social graces and this lends to her being naive.Her love for her mother is very respectable. The plot was interesting and the storytelling was incredibly good. Read more at missiontoread.com