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Angels' Blood (Guild Hunter, Book 1)

Angels' Blood - Nalini Singh When it started out I did not like the possibility of a romance between Elana and Raphael. I thought he would have all the power in the relationship, since he was immensely more powerful than she. I highly underestimated Elana. She is a warrior. Strong and courageous in the face of fear. Her familial issues make her an even more likable character, because it shows who she truly is. Loving her family even though they don’t deserve it.Raphael learned so much about himself throughout the course of this book. He is an ancient immortal and yet he had so much growing he needed to do and until he found a bit of humanity it was beyond him. Humanity made him stronger than any amount of immortality.Dimitri, oh my, I have a crush. I can never resist the ultra-smooth. They have my heart in moments. I’m a fool for words like that. I hope he remains to be a major player throughout the series.Sara and Ransom, are the family not forced by a horrible wheel of fate, but of choice. Of love. Sara puts Elana above everyone when she knows Elana only wants her to be there for her newborn, who is sweetly a namesake of Elana.Ransom is the ultimate bad boy, but I believe him to be safely snared. We didn’t see much of him, but he is a likable character none-the-less.As soon as I finished this one I wanted the next. I loved this book. I would highly recommend this book.