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The International Kissing Club

The International Kissing Club - Ivy Adams When I began this book I thought to be an insipid version of The Sisterhood of Traveling Pants. One that was even worse because of the skanky Facebook page that they made. As I read on I found a book that was fully charming and characters that truly grew as the book went on. Everything wasn’t tied up with smiley bow, but it ended in a completely natural way.Each of the characters had real faults and they often did not truly realize their faults until they landed on their faces. Quite literally. Piper to me was the most annoying, but also the one I wanted to find happiness the most. Cassidy I identified the most with and was quite happy with how her story ended up. Mei was an interesting character that I enjoyed reading about. Each one of these felt like completely genuine characters. Izzy was the only character that I didn’t establish a connection with throughout the book as she wasn’t featured much. She redeemed herself within the last chapter.You can tell that the authors are native to the DFW area as it has little things that brought me back to my new home. A simple comment about Stonebriar mall (my favorite mall in the metro) to the football obsession. It had a rocky start, but turned out to be a cute book with real character growth.