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Changeling Swords at Dawn (Changeling: The Lost)

Changeling Swords at Dawn (Changeling: The Lost) - Ethan Skemp, Misha Handman, Christopher Lee Simmons As you many of you should know (I talk about it nearly non-stop) this is my favorite adult paranormal series. Hands down. I am frequently told that people haven’t heard about it which is like the saddest thing ever cause it is pure writing gold.The latest book in the series is about Kenzie, the first female changeling in the series. Kenzie has a past with humans and this past clouds her interactions with others. Especially males. This is the first book within the series that the actual age of the changelings is kinda delved into as well.Kenzie and Josh have instant attraction, but the bridge between Kenzie’s distrust and Josh’s humanity is the saddest cutest little Changeling. As always in Harper’s writing the love story was built on a foundation of trust, love, and respect. The love story was realistic and touching.One of the best things about this series is the antagonists aren’t simply an evil force without a reason.You can almost always see where the other side is coming from. Ignorance often breeds evil and so it is within Changeling Dawn. Even if you are completely outraged by the way the changelings are being treated you see why they don’t feel guilty for their part in it.Josh’s own paranormal experience is an interesting and refreshing change within this series.