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In the Forests of the Night: The Goblin Wars, Book Two

In the Forests of the Night: The Goblin Wars, Book Two - Kersten Hamilton Everything is going good for Teagan after repeated heartbreak in the last book. She’s back at home with some new friends surrounding her. Cat-sidhe and other Fir Bog haunt her, but overall everything is going great. The large part of the beginning of this book is about life calming back down after the first book. The thing about this series is that regardless if the action is constant or a bit slow it’s an eccentric ride. One that leaves a smile on my face throughout. Finn is adorable and Teagan’s dedication to her goals is refreshing. Aidan is still my favorite character in the book though. His little resident fairy just adds to the cuteness of little Aidan.When they are in danger you can’t help but care. By care I mean sit up and start reading at supersonic speed. Everyone has come away with injuries in Tyger, Tyger, but they have bonded in a odd little family. The family is made up of people that are so diverse and should be enemies and yet when one is threatened they bond together to fight the outside force.The mythology is one of the most intriguing and fleshed out in such amazing detail that the world seems completely plausible at the same time it seems completely magical. I get that Mag Mell is a terrifying place, but it’s also so charming I’m not sure I’d be able to stay away.I adore this series and can’t wait to read more! This was a great sequel to the amazing debut Tyger, Tyger!