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Dark Frost (Mythos Academy)

Dark Frost  - Jennifer Estep In one word: EPIC!!! This book is the best of the series with none of the issues that have plagued the first two. The boring needless first half is non-existant in this one! From the very first page the action is fierce! I didn’t want want this book to end which got me to read the chapter teaser from the next book at the end and OH MY GOSH!!! I simply cannot wait to read the next!Gwen is incredibly brave even though she doubts herself endlessly. I like how relatable she is. She isn’t brave without incredibly human fear. At times she seems oblivious to clues around her and I wanted to yell at her, “Look over there!” It may simply because the foreshadowing is done in a way that those that aren’t as analytical as they read can guess along.Logan sadly isn’t as present as I would’ve liked. I need my Logan fix! He’s such a hottie! He was as always fighting right beside Gwen every single time she was in danger, but there simply wasn’t enough romance for me. But I’m a romance addict!The other side characters while busy with their own lives and drama add so much to the storyline. Gwen no longer is the loner she was in the first book with best friend Daphne and her boyfriend always being present. But my favorite side character would HAVE to be Nott! I loved her OH SO MUCH!!!!I enjoyed the rest of the series, but this one tops them all and I can already see that the next one is gonna be just as good! Can’t wait!