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Ascend (Trylle Trilogy 3)

Ascend  - Amanda Hocking As soon as I received this book I put aside the book I was reading and delved into this one. I can’t believe it’s the last. This aptly describes my feeling of finishing this book series. I’m incredibly sad. And did it ever go out with a bang! This is probably the best book within the series and the series is AMAZING!!!This series was spoiled by someone complaining about the series to me on twitter while I was still on the first book, so I knew what was going to happen, but I don’t fault Wendy for her decision in the least. Wendy is dedicated to her kingdom and she will do all that is necessary to make sure it is safe even sacrificing herself. She has grown so much since the first book.The side characters are so alive. Each one has it’s own personality, goals, and feels completely unique from another. Wendy has an incredible gang around her. They are willing to die for her. Sorry I’m being so vague. I’m trying desperately not to spoil anything for those who haven’t read the series! This is an AMAZING series and you really should read it. Like now.