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Sweet Evil

Sweet Evil - Wendy Higgins Cover Review:Okay, it’s a beautiful cover. Gorgeous, draws my attention, adds mystery to the blurb and promotes the book well. And on a business side that exactly what a cover is supposed to do, but as a reader I would really like to see a cover that has SOMETHING to do with the contents. Very rarely do we ever have scenes where the girls wear dresses within the books but it seems that every single cover is a girl in red dress. Opinion: I was excited for this book primarily because of the road trip aspect, which reminded me of Angel Burn. I was delighted to find that this is nothing like Angel Burn, but I enjoyed it just as much.The road trip is such a bonding experience not only with Kaidan and Anna but also for us to really to get the know the characters in one of the best examples of character building that I have seen. Anna is the girl next door and while she is never judgmental of others behavior is at times a bit too pious for my liking. This relaxes as the book goes on, but she can seem a bit uptight. I’m claiming Kaidan as my book boyfriend. Hands off. He’s super steamy. He’s the son of the Duke of Lust and as such it’s his job to sleep around. To make women want him so much that they will not ever be content with another man’s touch. He’s done incredibly evil things in his role of Nephilim for his father, but to me he is completely redeemable. And yet in the long run I’m much more on the side of another Neph for being with Anna in the end.Evil is a central point of this book and I didn’t expect it to get so deep, but I’m glad it did. Anna befriends other Neph’s other than just Kaidan and these characters brought in so much life to this book. You could really see the impact they were having on Anna and each of these characters had very distinct voices.I loved this book and cannot wait to spend more time with these characters. Sadly, the sequel has yet to be bought so I don’t know if I’ll be getting to spend time with them anytime soon.