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The Indigo Spell: A Bloodlines Novel

The Indigo Spell - Richelle Mead I really dragged my feet in reading this one. I wasn’t sure I would like it and didn’t want my love of Vampire Academy to be harmed by a flailing off-shoot. Joey anyone? So I resisted and then going through Overdrive’s library I saw it and I was like gotta read it. I ended up loving it more than I did any of the Vampire Academy series. Mainly because their wasn’t a character that annoyed me as much as Lissa does and I connected with all of them a lot quicker since I had previously loved Sydney and Adrian.Sydney starts this mission being scared of confrontation, standing up for herself, and is basically a good follower that has tarnished her reputation by helping Rose in the last book of Vampire Academy. As this book goes she starts to feel more comfortable being on her own (instead of simply following orders) and I felt there was tremendous character growth of her character. I like her as she is, but once she becomes completely independent of others opinions I think she’ll be one of the best characters I’ve read in YA.There was little to no romance in this one. Before going in I really expected more from her and Adrian. I figured that since he got short changed in the last series this one would be his. I was a little disappointed, but hopefully we’ll be seeing more of this relationship as Sydney’s ingrained prejudices fall away.The plot was quick moving and I loved the storyline, but one major issue for me was the fact we were in Sydney’s POV and we could see things going on, but have absolutely no clue what they meant. She was so kept in the dark about everything and that meant we were too.Loved this book and cannot wait to read the next!