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Web of Lies (Elemental Assassin, Book 2)

Web of Lies - Jennifer Estep Orginal review over @ Mission to Read Squee! I just finished this one and I’m dying for the next one! Like right FREAKING now!Halfway through the first book I added the next two on my request list from the library and two days later I drove out of my way to go pick it up. For a person that mostly reads whatever she may have at hand this is devotion. And I was NOT disappointed. I’m IN LOVE!!!Gin is still a bit judgmental for my tastes. She has A LOT of issues herself and she seems to look down on others at times. She is incredibly strong, but most people are and it can seem at times that she’s a bit immature in her way of thinking she is the only strong one. She is incredibly hard on herself as well. She is devoted and loyal to her foster family and that endears her to me, but I would love for her to mature a bit in her opinions about others. Don’t get me wrong I love Gin, flaws and all. She is smart, independent, and doesn’t whine, but most importantly she is so loving even if she doesn’t think she is.Her foster family is one of the best supporting character cast in books that I’ve read. One of the reason I love werewolf books is the pack mentality and she may not be a wolf, but she MOST CERTAINLY has a pack surrounding her. Can I say I am ABSOLUTELY not Team Donavan? OMFG!!! This boy drives me up the wall. I so want to scream at him “Get over yourself already. Your morals are just as effed up as Gin’s and you DO NOT hold the authority on what is wrong and what is right! There is a whole sea of grey in the middle that you clearly are too dimwitted to see!” Now Grayson is a completely different story. Even when he thinks she’s in a certain profession he doesn’t judge, doesn’t try to take advantage, but simply is still his gentlemanly self. He seems ultra-sophisticated, but not in that money hungry way that Finn is.The plot was slower that Spider’s Bite, but it had a huge build up culminating in one of the best climaxes of all times. I mean it was almost orgasmic! As a result, I hope Gin becomes more confident in herself and perhaps she’ll stop reflecting bad attributes onto people she doesn’t know. If that’s the case there is going to be some astounding character growth in the next book.Did I say that I’m in love? Yeah, well I am. It’s edging it’s way in for top love of the year award in the book department! I CANNOT wait until Venom is available.