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Nice Girls Don't Bite Their Neighbors (Jane Jameson, Book 4)

Nice Girls Don't Bite Their Neighbors  - Molly Harper This is the 4th (and I think final) in the series, so it’ll have spoilers for previous books. Also, I’m not sure I can really review this one in a comprehensive way. Let’s just say it is endlessly funny and a page turner that builds on great characterization that combines with a page turning plot.Jane is just as funny as ever and has grown so much as a character over the four books that she is almost unrecognizable in the end in so many awesome ways. She is getting completely settled, getting married to Gabriel, have a childe in Jamie and all of her friends are getting settled as well. She has made peace with her family and while there is still a great storyline that has nothing to do with the settling this is an incredible end to the series.Dick and Andrea and Zeb and Jolene have really settled in to family life and are busy with their own lives, but of course they are still there for Jane. Jane has made up with most of her family and I adore seeing her no longer at conflict with people that tormented her in earlier books.The last two of this series, both had page-turning plots and I was addicted to reading them. In fact over the weekend as a break (after finals) we went up to Oklahoma and while in the casino I found place to chill and read when I was tired of playing. Yes, that addicting. Amazing end to an amazing series!