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Taken at Dusk (Shadow Falls)

Taken at Dusk - C.C. Hunter What is up with third’s being the best in series? Ascend? Dark Frost? And not Taken at Dusk? I mean seriously thirds have been EPIC!!! I do mean EPIC!!! It seems that the first book is setting the stage, seconds are often filler and then thirds are where these series are really hitting their strides!Kylie has grown as a character tremendously since the first book. She was constantly in other peoples issues, whining about everything, and clueless about so much. Now she really gets to the bottom of an issue before she makes a judgment about the situation. She’s still a peacekeeper, but in a way that isn’t as obtrusive. Her powers are growing as well and it’s so interesting to watch as she learns to use them.Other characters seem to be growing as well. From Della and Miranda not fighting at every turn to developments between Holiday and Burnett. Lucas and Derek are as steamy as ever!The ghostly presence is such an intriguing case in this one. An unknown spirit that seems to carry messages and be incredibly protective of Kylie. At times I was a bit scared of the ghost, but mainly I just wanted to get to the bottom of her story. The other ghosts in this book seem to be really getting that she can’t deal with all of them at once and she’s getting better at handling them in general.Kylie learns so much in this book and I cannot wait to see her use that knowledge in order to protect her friends and herself in the upcoming book!