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Angel Burn

Angel Burn (Angel Trilogy, #1) - L.A. Weatherly I knew this was a book for me when it started in Oklahoma. Okay, so not a wholly positive view of Oklahoma, but still any book that has my home state is aces for sure.The writer is so in touch with Alex. This is one of the fully fleshed out male characters I’ve read in awhile. He is a kick-ass assassin and also a great boyfriend. He’s sweet and capable, a combination that makes for a fully rounded character that I might be a smidgen in love with myself.Willow’s an awesome chick, that has style and mechanical skills. She is unpopular in high school, but she’s comfortable with that. She has self-confidence that comes with age and though she may only be seventeen she has seen a world of life with her mother’s debilitating issues.Can get boring at times if you like constant action, but the romance that is the heart of the story is so sweet that if you like romance its perfect. The romance of the story is about healing and acceptance. It’s a romance that is more akin to adult romance. This is a melding of hearts not of lust.Jonah believes all his strength is with the angels, but finds it’s inside himself instead.I seriously want the second book right this second, but alas I’ll have to wait a year.Loved this book!