Mission to Read

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A Midsummer's Nightmare - Kody Keplinger I wasn’t sure I was going to enjoy this book. I rarely read contemporary and the author is just so incredibly young. I went in with all these judgments, but I really liked the premise. I found that those judgments were COMPLETELY unfounded. This book was amazing! This book was so emotional for me. I cried several times during this book. Not sobbing, over emotional crying, but tears kept seeping out and I couldn’t restrain them. It just felt so relatable. I immediately texted my sister and told her she HAD to read this book. Whitley is a mess. No one has taken a moment to say that they care about her and don’t want her to be doing these behaviors, so she acts out to the point of almost being an addict. She has so much anger that she is holding on from years past. She’s trying to drown this with alcohol and boys.Thankfully, her father is getting married to a wonderful family. A family that sees her pain better than her own family. I’m so glad that the lessons sunk in and she was able to straighten up before college.I don’t know! Just read it!