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Fifth Grave Past the Light - Darynda Jones OMG! Guys! I need more now. Right now. Not a year from now. Now. Right now. Every moment of reading the Charley Davidson series is a moment where I have uncontrollable grin on my face and laughter in my heart if not uproariously disturbing everyone around me. I hate that I have to wait for the next one. I want it NOW!Charley is just as funny, charming, and impossible as she has been in every previous book. The only issue I’ve had with previous books was the formulaic plot, but there is no formulaic plot in this one. It’s even lighter than the previous books, but at the same time the case she is on in this book is more heartbreaking than any of her other cases. I have never been more scared for her safety than I was in this book. I’m sorta super protective of Charley so I wanted to step into the book and kick some ass!Reyes. Oh dear. He is one hunky beautiful man and the sex in this book is even more steamy than has been in the past because they’ve started to form a deeper relationship outside the sex. But it’s still not deep enough. Basically the only time Reyes is around is when he is screwing Charley’s brains out and I need more substance from my sexy sexy boys to fall in love. I’m deep in lust with Reyes, but I would love to see more character development outside the bedroom. Even though they have the most sexual chemistry of any other couple I’ve read.Could Cookie and Uncle Bob get a move on in the dating department though? Seriously. I love these two side characters for them not to be ridiculously happy. Great secondary characters distinguish to me great books from good books and these are two of my favorite secondary characters in all of the series I’ve ever read. This book is just as good if not better than the previous books and I fall deeper into love with this series with every book I read.I never do audiobooks. I have the attention span of a gnat, so asking me to listen to anything that doesn’t have pictures to go along with it is just asking to be tuned out, but I decided to do immersion reading with this book (read the e-book while listening to the audiobook) and it made me pay even more attention to every word, every action which increased my enjoyment of this book.