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Stray - Rachel Vincent I asked my Book BFF's out of any book on the earth that I should read which book would they say. Angela said, Stray and she has been trying to get me to read this for a few weeks, so since I already had a copy I delved into it. I'm so glad I did! I loved it!You know how when you are reading a book you love you keep checking to see if you are almost out of the awesomeness. I kept checking the entire book wanting more and more, luckily this is a pretty large book at 600+ pages, but it's an incredibly quick read. I read the entire book within two days and likely would have finished the entire thing in one sitting had I not fallen asleep.I love books with character arcs where the characters actually grow from the events around them, and Faythe certainly grew a ton within this book.When we meet Faythe she is determined to have some independence from her family. She is so determined that not only does she risk her own life several times, she puts others at risk because she keeps taking the focus off the kidnapped girls and on to her escape attempts. Seriously I got a bit pissed at her. I was like grow up. The lives of the other girls is way more important than showing your father at this exact second that you are an independent woman. She wasn't acting like an independent woman and the people around her were treating her like the spoiled brat she was acting to be. She completely redeems herself by the end of the book.Boys. We have sexy sexy tomcats (male werecates) in this book. First we have who I imagine to look like Wade from Hart of Dixie complete with his care what may attitude, Jace. Faythe has always viewed him as a brother until she comes home from school and he's there tempting her. He's funny, light hearted, and at lot of the points throughout the book he is exactly what I think Faythe needs.Then there is super serious, Mexican stray, Marc. They have a ton of history and he's been waiting for her to come back home so they can start their lives together. He puts way too much pressure on Faythe to be everything he wants her to be from the very beginning and in his attempts to claim her she makes it clear that she wants no part of it, with scars to show just how serious she is.This is definitely going to be a series about settling old disputes with family and that is one of my favorite types of secondary storylines. Redemption for past faults, forgiveness for those that have crossed boundaries and all the heartfelt love of a large family.I can't wait to pick up the next book in this series!