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Fair Game (Alpha & Omega, #3)

Fair Game - Patricia Briggs Favorite Lines:"Not yet." Anna said affably. "My father says that government unchecked is like a snowball; you can always count on it getting bigger and gathering more power."“Never accept the blame for what evil people do. We are all responsible for our own actions.” Opinion:Alpha and Omega series is one of my favorite adult series and this one surely didn't disappoint. I fell in love with the characters even more than I already was. I love to see established relationships in books and Patricia Briggs does this in a way that most paranormal romance/Urban Fantasy can't compete with.Anna is a strong a courageous mate to Charles and doesn't ever back down when he's in trouble. This trait is hugely important in the storyline of Fair Game and Patricia shows she can definitely relate to this aspect of adulthood. Patricia is an old history major and this constantly lends to having little snippets of rich history thrown in to make the story even deeper and well rounded. I wish she'd write a book purely about the fae so badly, because she creates their world with rich descriptions and full of life that I'd love to see more of.Charles is such a good mate. He loves Anna with a deep and unyielding passion, which makes for some incredibly good scenes between the two. They know the boring bliss of contented withtheir relationships and he is willing to put everything aside to focus on Anna. Their relationship is one of the best constructed relationships.The action is always fantastic in Patricia Briggs stories. It's a steady quick plot, with plenty of time to focus on character development. The action at the ending of this story leftme salivating for more.