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Tangled Threads (Elemental Assassin Books)

Tangled Threads - Jennifer Estep I seriously could not wait to write a review of Venom before staring this one. I read this book in one day, while my husband was home. I seriously never read when the hubs is home, but I simply couldn’t wait. Gah, I love this series so much!This book was certainly more explosive than any of the prior books in both literal explosions and emotional ones. Gin is certainly emotionally maturing and that is more apparent in this book than any of the prior books.The case in this book is infinitely more intriguing to me than the prior book’s Roslyn case. I have a HUGE soft spot for children and this little girl was so amazingly courageous. LeFleur’s powers were interesting and I completely and utterly hated her from moment one. Honestly, she felt more fleshed out as a character than the main villain of these books, Mab.One issue I had with this book was the constant reiterations of the same phrases, in particular “gin joint” and “get dead” (which is actually also used in the blurb). OMG! How many times can you say the same phrase? Seriously, in a serious moment Gin’s internal dialogue should be “He could die” or any other grammatically correct alternatives to this. “Get dead” is fine if the scene is sassy and she’s spouting off, but does every single mention of dying have to be “get dead”?This book was only something like 40 pages shorter than Venom, but felt like such a quick read that I would have had said it was half the size. I’ll be reading the rest in the coming weeks, since I went on a mega shopping spree for books last week and bought the rest in the series, but I’ll probably stagger reviews a bit more.