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Storm Born

Storm Born - Richelle Mead Favorite Lines:"I mean how strange is that we bring plant sex organs to people we're attracted to? What's up with that? It's a weird sign of affection."“Eugenie, my sweet, your outraged protests are adorable, but they only continue to slow us down. If you want me to help you, then let me. If you don't, then take me to one of those places where human women wear revealing clothing and quickly lose their virtue through alcohol.”Opinion:I was wanting something Fae related and BookBFF Angela told me to get this one for like the millionth time. She had brought it up a few times, but I didn't really take it as "This book is amazing. Read it RIGHT EFFING NOW!" Sometimes you have to be blunt with me for me to get the point. My review is primarily going to be the many exclamations I made to my lovely chicas while reading it."What kind of name is Eugenie? It's a horrible stupid name.""OMG! Why did no one tell me how absolutely fantastic Dark Swan is? OMG! I'm in love so far! Eugenie (which is still a dumb name) is everything I in characters and she has outlooks on life that are exactly the same as mine. I'm in love! Swoon!""Sometimes the characters authors create tell you exactly who they are and I absolutely adore Eugenie. She's my kind of girl. Honesty is more important than manners, intelligence and education leads to logical reasoning out of moral issues and being alone is infinitely easier than all the games. I want to be besties with Richelle Mead!"I only had a couple of issues with this book. In both her that I have read (Gameboard of the Gods, Storm Born) adult series though she has them meet the love interest, have sex right away and then find out about him which is sorta annoying. Aspects of the story are predictable in ways it's Eugenie doesn't immediately put together.If you can't tell, I loved this book and everyone that hasn't read it should "GO PICK IT UP RIGHT EFFING NOW!" See blunt. :D