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Goodbye, Rebel Blue

Goodbye, Rebel Blue - Shelley Coriell I got this book out of the blue (haha, I'm punny). My husband brought the mail from the P.O. Box home with him today and within it was a package I wasn't expecting. Random mail has a way of being very odd or very good, so I'm usually wary with books I'm not expecting. This was one of those very good times.AJ, my husband, sat down to do computer work with baseball in the background, left to my own devices I started thumbing through Goodbye, Rebel Blue and was getting those "Are you demented?" looks within a couple of seconds. Rebel is hilarious and witty with tons of snark keeping people away from her. She is incredibly relatable of a character for me. She feels like she doesn't fit anywhere and that she is a massive screw up.Rebel broke my heart many times throughout this book, but in the end I loved her and this book. My only issue was at times this book was slow, but I finished the book within a couple hours. So even with it's slow parts it was a pretty quick read. The slowness of this book may be attributed to the fact that most of the book takes place within Rebel's head as she comes to grip with her past and finding a place she belongs in the present.