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Adorkable - Sarra Manning A commentary on the state of personal interaction and the technology that simultaneously separates and connects us. Adorkable is a charmingly cute book full of things any self identified geek, especially those with a web presence can relate to.I found this book light and fun with a great message about embracing who you are and not letting the outside world affect your life’s decisions while maintaining a personable attitude and not shutting out everyone that wishes to be close to you. There were many elements of political speech that may not sit well with everyone, but for me it had exactly the right message. (In other words if you are a conservative Christian you may want to skip this book, but if you are a liberal sex positive person then this should be right up your alley.)I had a complete emotional breakdown while reading this book and my husband woke to me crying as I finished this book at 5 a.m., but this book also had me laughing continually. It simply struck every right cord in me to have me completely emotionally captivated.This book was a great example of sex positivity within books and quite honestly it’s likely to be the most sex positive fictional book I have ever read. Jeane talks about sex in a mature rational way. She makes it clear that she is on equal footing with him on determining how far they go sexually. There is no manipulating her into going further than she is comfortable with, because she is educated about sex and is willing and able to define her limits. This is a British book and the sex education classes over there on a vastly different model than the sex abstinence classes taught in the USA and this shows with her ability to guide herself through the sexual terrain. She has an incredibly healthy mature outlook on sex which usually isn’t seen in those under the mid-twenties. She is also bisexual and navigates the discussion with Michael with ease.There were many other issues brought up within this book. Politics, our consumerist culture, the upcoming generation, the economic upheaval, and family relations. The main message of this book though is you can be whoever you are and not shove people out of your life in order to do so. It’s fine to be whoever you are whether that means odd fashion sense or simply embracing your sexual identity.It’s cute, it’s charming, but it’s also carries a great message. It’s full of impassioned views that align with my own and it isn’t scared to scream them from the rooftop