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Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns)

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns) - Mindy Kaling This book was recommended on Britney’s blog as one to read for humor and one to give your vajay-jay a rest from all the smexy books. Britney is my go to blog when I need a laugh, so if it makes her laugh than it’s going to make me end up peeing myself. Did I ever mention…oh yeah, sorry getting off track.From the very first page I was waking up the hubs with my snorts of laughter. I don’t like The Office. Shh… but I don’t. It bores me, so yeah I wasn’t actually expecting this to be as fall down humorous as it was. It was a bit dry in parts and I was like why do I care about this a couple of times, but overall it was a great way to get out of an incredibly bad mood and was such a quick read at half of my normal reading length. It is broken up into essays, which makes it an even quicker read. She is incredibly relatable to me. Overweight kid, boys are a mystery, and she has no problem arguing her boss to the point he ends up kicking her out of the session. She’s been drilled with certain principles and I love how she clearly states repeatedly no one has the right to be douche nugget. Okay,she doesn’t say douche nugget, but you get my gist. She certainly has the right idea about marriage, and that had to my favorite of all the essays she wrote.Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me is a great, quick read that is different from the norm that could get you out of reading rut!