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Shiver (Wolves of Mercy Falls)

Shiver  - Maggie Stiefvater This review will have a different format than any of my others thus far, but it’s a book that deserves it. The book has a distinguished individuality that makes it deserve special attention.Layout-Amazing. Blue ink to match cover makes it seem seamless. The two interchanging POV’s that have their own unique voice that shows incredible talent from the writer. The temps posted at the beginning of each chapter help to show both if there was a break in scenes and foreshadows events within the book.Characters-Sam is easy for me to associate myself with. He is a character with true depth that his life has developed. Grace is mature for her age due to negligence from her parents. The only character that was a ‘typical’ teenager was Rachel, but she was still likable. A problem I often have trouble with in reading YA as they often have problems that seem insignificant.Plot-This is the only aspect I had a problem with. It was slow and had repetitive parts. If you have read my other reviews you’ll notice they are often character focused, which is my priority in any format of story whether it be book, movie or game. Character. So the plot problems where insignificant in retrospective.For more of my reviews visit- http://missiontoread.blogspot.com/.