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Blood Promise (Vampire Academy, Book 4)

Blood Promise  - Richelle Mead While I understand Rose’s need to fulfill what she believes to be Dimitri’s wishes her reckless decisions annoy me, though I believe they help her grow as a character a little bit more.Sydney was entertaining to me. She so did not want to like Rose, and yet she did.We barely saw Lissa until the end and while Rose was away we only saw her through the connection which at times seemed forced. Such as when in all likelihood Rose would be asleep instead of communing with Lissa.Stigori version of Dimitri unsettled me, which means Richelle Mead did her job well. He played into Rose’s feelings for him to get what he wanted in a manipulative way. Honestly, I’ve always been for Adrian and not at all for Dimitri. He could be an awesome mentor, but bad-boy Adrian seems to fit with Rose better.The action and plot were superb as always. This storyline certainly pulled on my heart strings. This entire series is a don’t miss.I’m itching to read the rest of the series and luckily I have the remaining two on loan from the library. This is a series I will be buying for my personal library.