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Archangel's Consort (Guild Hunter)

Archangel's Consort   - Nalini Singh I loved this book as I did the first in the series. The love story is one for the ages, with lines such as “We die, we die together. That’s the deal.” Raphael loves Elena so much it’s palatable. Elana struggles with the control that love comes with.Elana is haunted by old memories and she struggles with the feeling that it is all her fault. She has a depth of character that I often miss when reading.The darkness that surrounds this book is alleviated only by the beauty of the Refuge and the friendship with Illium. He is beautiful, kind, and a great friend for Elana in a place that is not her own.I hope Elana and Raphael have children. Elana needs a family of her own and Raphael would be a great father.It’s a great book, with passion, action, heartbreaking pain, and hope.