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Huntress - Malinda Lo This book had an intensive plot that kept me intrigued. One issue I found throughout was POV issues, within the same paragraph there would be POV switches. About halfway through it seems as though a third POV became the norm.The plot is superb. Kaede and Taisin emotional struggle to stay apart even though they love each other is touching. When we start out Kaede resents her father for promising her hand in marriage as a political alliance with a male even though it is known that she favors females. She does not believe he loves her and only feels duty towards the country as the King’s second. Soon she encounters things that make her more experienced in the arena of life and this helps to age her and make her more of an interesting character.I liked Taisin better from the start, but soon I loved them both and wanted them together regardless of Taisin’s premonitions or her duty as a Sage. The world in which this is set is one where one is free to love regardless of gender, but there reserved personalities keep the romance at bay well into the story and then it is more emotional than physical.The side characters were just as interesting as the main characters particularly Shae.The paranormal aspects of this book are immediately fascinating. One of the early scenes had my heart beating faster as the action kicked in.In all, the plot was superb! The characters were dynamic and felt like friends by the end of the book. I would definitely recommend this book.