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Once a Witch

Once a Witch  - Carolyn MacCullough I debated reviewing this book. I’m still not sure what to say about it. Simply, it bored and annoyed me.Tasmin is supposed to be 17, but her actions more reflected that of a 12 year old. She was rebellious, because she felt inadequate next to her sister. This inadequacy put her family and the world in danger, but instead of feeling remorseful she simply got angered at a betrayal that her family had perpetuated.Their was absolutely no love for her sister. The only guilt I saw from her was when her roommate got injured. I get sibling rivalry, but this took it to the extreme.Gabriel was the only saving grace of this book. He was interesting and not despicable unlike the majority of the characters. He still held a torch for Tasmin after years of absence. He had a bad childhood unlike Tasmin and was still mature about it.Tasmin did not have a ‘bad’ childhood, but complained ad nauseum about it.Looking back I’m not sure why I finished this book. So yeah, did not like. And looking at the goodreads reviews I’m in the minority in disliking this, so I’d encourage you to look at more reviews before deciding not to read it.