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Hex Hall Book One

Hex Hall  - Rachel Hawkins I’m going to do this review quickly as I want to go read the next in the series. I loved this book and want more now. :)Although, it is done a lot I like the setting of magical boarding schools. Magical beings in school together just equal drama and action. Then there is the bonus of not having the parents overlooking their every movement. Rachel Hawkins did this superbly.I like Sophie. She’s witty, loyal, and is a great friend especially to Jenna. Jenna is a dynamic character with a great personality. She’s a lesbian vampire that is in love with the color pink.Archer makes me sad. He seems like such a great guy and I’m kinda hoping he’ll be in the second. Alice is simply the most creepy character from beginning to end. She seriously freaks the crap out of me.The school seems so intimidating at first, but I found it truly lovely by the end. Furniture that shows itself by your comfort level. Drinks that can be made out of anything and taste anyway. There is some seriously fun magic going on here.Now, I’m gonna go read the next in the series.