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Divergent - Veronica Roth To view more of my reviews go to Mission to ReadI loved this book, but I can’t tell you exactly why. It is everything the hype is saying. Believable, intelligent, loveable characters (especially Four), poignant, and the plot will not let you put it down, but none of these are the main reason I love it. I simply do. I stayed up until 9 a.m on reading this book, yeah I never do that. It’s a long book and one that is not easy to put down I suggest you start it when you can sleep in.I only have one issue with this book and it may be an issue that reader induced. I can not for the life of me see what the Dauntless headquarters looks like. I have a shady image at best.The characterization is one of the best I’ve seen within Dystopia. This is a girl that knows herself not what the society tells her she should be. “I am selfish. I am brave.” Is one of the best lines of this book that describes who she believes she is. What Tris doesn’t understand is being brave is part of being selfless. Putting the welfare of others above herself.Four, oh my gosh, I just found myself a new book boyfriend. (It’s okay I’ll still cheat on Four with Tucker, but I’m not sure who has more of my love.) From the beginning I was intrigued by him. From the moment she landed in his arms in the very beginning to him throwing knifes at her head all the way until the end I was in love. I hate Four’s real name and will most likely just change it every time I see it.The secondary characters came in two groups. One in the good to a point, and the evil and should be eliminated types. Tris’s friends were great and she showed such selflessness towards them.The evil group was so hate-able. SO!!!This is a passionate book that evokes a passionate response within the reader. I am fully in love with Four, Divergent, and Veronica Roth. If you caught any of the livestream or tour events from the Dark Days of Supernatural where she was present you’d see how awesome she is as a person as well. She’s 23 and has come to such success and has not let it go to her head at all. All in all I’m having a love affair with this entire book.The next one comes out next spring which is simply too long!