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Awake at Dawn (Shadow Falls)

Awake at Dawn - C.C. Hunter adore this series. It has similarities with the Hex Hall series, but I think I might like this series a bit more. Kylie is spunky, but always has her friends best interests at heart and is the peacemaker of the bunch. Her two best friends are quite the dramatic duo, but she is constantly keeping them from killing one another. I wish Kylie would have figured out what she was in this book, but alas it was not to be. She has gotten better at communicating with the spirits and letting her guard down so others can sense her.Some of this book made me truly sad and other had me laughing aloud.One of the best lines of Kylie’s spunkiness is “And telling the difference is like math—it’s hard. You think you understand it and then you get the answer wrong."This isn’t a book where I can chose a team sadly. I’m team both, which can’t happen, but both guys are equally amazing. Lucas is all deep and loving, but Derrick is understanding, powerful and can erase any negative feelings.Again I adore this series and can’t wait for the next one!